We are launching a patent pending platform 4 years in the works that will allow our audience to view inside hand curated venues selected by our scouts and locals as the best, eclectic and trendiest nightlife venues to visit in a particular city. We are not another Yelp or Foursquare. We filter out the noise with only hand selected locally owned venues listed on platform.

These venues provide the quintessential experience that our community values when they seek out a unique and entertaining nightlife adventure. There are many factors that go into the selection of a venue and we strive to showcase the very best venues in each city that we explore. Our first cities are Atlanta, GA and Austin, TX.

Each venue we select has been recommended by locals, established local publications with our scouts stopping in for a drink as well. When possible we talk to the owners of these local establishments. They are a unique part of the essential nightlife and soul of any particular city.

Our venues are not all encompassing and the descriptions provided are the views of CrowdBlur based upon our experiences and do not represent and official statements or descriptions from and venue listed.