We’ve put together what we feel is a comprehensive festival camping checklist. We also included links where you can directly purchase some of the items from Amazon.

ESSENTIALS – Lock all this in your car except for some of your cash.

PHONE + wall & car charger
Battery pack
ID + backup ID
Keys + backup car key kept in different place
CASH – more than you think you will need
Credit card/Debit card – shopping or emergencies
Proof of health insurance/AAA card
Tickets or printed email confirmation
Fanny Pack


Insect repellent
Sunglasses + backup pair
Bandannas / Facemasks
Flask filled with your favorite drink
First aid kit
Tissues & Toilet Paper
Baby Wipes
Glasses + Contacts + Extra
Business cards
Toothbrush & toothpaste
Grocery bags + large and small Ziploc bags – these items take up almost no weight or space and have 8 zillion uses, from dirty clothes to trash.
Beach towel
Travel towel
Ear plugs
Head lamp or flashlight
Cup – large (for drinkin’)
Water bottle
Frisbee – can play with it and use it as your plate
Pocket knife
Socks & underwear + a few extras
Hat + wool socks + gloves + warm jacket
Flip flops or sandals
Comfortable waterproof shoes.
Rain gear – I never bring rain gear



Hammer/Mallet for tent
Air mattress + pump and/or foam pad
Sleeping bag
Pillow + extra blanket(s) for tent – if you have extra room
Tarp(s)- for shade and/or to put under your tent for less moisture wicking
Shade structure/gazebo for shade & creating camp space
Ground blankets – that you don’t mind ruining
Duct tape & superglue
Camp chairs, pillows etc. for sitting
Camp table
Camp stove + pots/pans/cooking utensils if cooking
Camp shower
Black metal binder clips to hang stuff
Flag or camp marker
Lantern or other nighttime light source
Camping Cart
Garbage bags
Paper towels
Cooler + ice
Plastic bin(s) to hold all of this
Eco-friendly soap
Water for cooking, cleaning up and splash baths
Pot for boiling water
Leatherman – Multitool


Sandwich for the first day – make one yourself or grab a 12” from a local deli, you can eat half for lunch, half when you get hungry later, and not have to think about food the whole first day
Liquor – vodka mixes with everything FYI even root beer for breakfast
Beer – more than you will think you need
Wine – take your body weight divide by 4 for women and 6 by men add 5 and that’s how many bags you’ll need per person. (Caution: you may get dangerously drunk)
Water – stash an extra gallon or so in your car for the ride home
Mixers – extra for plain drinking
Water Bottle/Mister
Orange juice + sparkling wine for mimosa o’clock
Granola Bars or Trail Mix
Starbucks Espresso One Shots
Candy, chocolate & gum
Group foods are fun! Think pitz chips + hummus & cucumbers, tomatoes, feta, olives, pepperoncinis, red onion slices, tabbouleh, etc.
Instant foods like Ramen or Oatmeal

FOR FUN – Give back to your creative community!

Camera + extra battery or video camera!
Bluetooth Speaker
Day bag
Hoola Hoops
Twirling staff/Poi
Water wings
LED toys
Journal + pen + Sharpee marker
Drum, guitar or zither
Face paint

LADIES – get a special section:

Makeup – fun stuff like glitter & neon blue mascara
Makeup remover sheets
Face soap + Frisbee + Water = morning face wash
Small personal towel
Tweezers/Nail clippers
Hair brush + clips/rubber bands
Smell good stuff– water mixed with a few drops of coconut or peppermint oil in a sprayer works well
Sarongs – can be hung as décor, worn several ways and also used as ground cloth
Tampons etc.
Bikini- because you never know


We will get a small portion of any purchase you make from Amazon via our links. This is how we pay the bills.