A mastery of architecture in the heart of downtown Austin and a juxtaposition of futuristic tech and a legacy institution injected with life as an example for municipalities across the nation to emulate. Yea the ATX Library is the shit to say the least. One of the most modern places outside of the Walker Brands office circa 2010 I have worked out of.  In fact buildings like these tend to spur massive innovation and redevelopment as did the Walker building along Kennedy avenue in Tampa. After Walker, a new private school opened, University of Tampa built dorms and a stadium, Riverwalk was completed and an A loft hotel was the crowning jewel along Kennedy.

Really I can’t overstate the importance of buildings like these that inspire and spark innovation in the hearts and minds of the entrepreneurs that work in these environments.  The economic impact is hard to measure. As I digress off-topic I want you to understand that the Austin Public Library downtown could rival any tech companies headquarters. 3 SX’s ago I met a group of librarians that were battling with declining interest in the public library systems in their respective locales. If they only had a chance a to fast forward to now and this facility.

The Austin Public Library is 6 stories. The top floor is an open air lounge overlooking downtown and the long center and trails below. Complete with 3d printers, innovation lab, technology lab, chromebooks, ultrabooks, regular books, a restaurant, copious rows of iMacs, meeting rooms adorned with digital screens that instantly display availability for anyone interested in booking one. A wash with stunning views of the massive transformation of Austin as well as the interior of the building and its impressive atrium. In fact those who are weary of heights may want to take the elevator.

Leave it up to Austin to have a bar in it’s library. Coffee, wine, craft beer and literary inspired cocktails are at your fingertips in the Cookbook Bar and Cafe.