Rain at a festival can be a great experience or a nightmare depending upon how prepared you are for the weather.  A cold snap can be just as uncomfortable as rain if you don’t pack an extra jacket, sweatpants, or long sleeves what ever may be the best clothing for you if the weather were to drop an extra 10-15 degrees. In most cases during a summer festival that would be a welcome change. Festivals that fall later in the year are ones that can throw a curve ball. While the temps were pleasantly mild at the Zen Awakening Festival…It got into the mid 50’s at night in central Florida and a lot of festival goers were not prepared for it. I saw many campers sitting in their idling car.


Wet Packing Essentials:

Light Rain Jacket or Suit if you expect moderate rain over multiple days.

Rain boots, or waterproof tennis shoes: Highly Recommend Solomons they work great in snow, or mud as well.

An extra pair of dry socks

A tarp for under your tent and an extra one above it will keep it cooler in the summer time and add an extra layer of rain protection.

2 trash bags, and a ziplock for a cellphone and wallet

A travel towel works wonders in terms of size and moisture absorption.


Cold Packing Essentials

Dry socks in a ziplock

Natural Hand Warmers

Matches or lighter

Extra layer of clothing

Possibly an alcohol burning stove and fuel if you want tea/coffee. Others may prefer a propane stove.